Some significant tinkering going on under the hood

Some significant tinkering going on under the hood

We’re updating the site and our print edition for the next edition of Rent List magazine of Northeast Mississippi, and while we’re at it we’re making some significant changes under the hood of our website, so to speak. We’ve installed new SEO software and have been completely updating each listing. You may not see the changes, but search engines will. Also, we’ve made a big adjustment on our server to significantly speed up our website and improve listing and search load times.

This is probably a lot of info no one really cares about (except the properties listed on our site, of course), but we just wanted to share the details of what’s going on behind the scenes here. We are not one of the big national listing outfits (which is really pretty much just a couple or three companies that own the big domains and have the same info across each site) and don’t have their resources. Of course we’re not spending our money on has-been actors in cheesy commercials, either, but that’s a rant for another post. Anyway, just know we may be small, but we’re doing everything we can to provide the best, most personal listing information to you, the renter, in the part of the country we know better than anyone else.

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